Our Mission

Oz Publishing, Inc. publishes print and online periodicals and directories for and about the film and television industry. Oz Magazine celebrates the dedicated and accomplished individuals and businesses in the visual communication and media industry and their extraordinary creativity. Oz is a comprehensive resource for identifying and hiring the individuals and companies whose creativity and work stand out consistently.

Our People Make a Difference

Tia Powell is the President of Oz Publishing, Inc. Tia began her career as a make-up artist for film, video, and print, then over the years spent time as a production manager and producer. Before marrying and moving to Atlanta, she partnered with the Vice-President of the Directors Guild of Canada to form Telema Publishing, Ltd., which published the first directory for Alberta, Portfolio. After moving to Atlanta in 1990 and waiting on a "green card" before re-establishing her film career, she took over publishing Georgia’s annual film & video directory, Georgia: The Total Picture, beginning with the 1991 directory with about $400 and a typewriter working in a small apartment with one phone line.

Oz Publishing’s publications speak volumes about her dedication, persistence, business savvy, and vision. Her hard-earned success, however, is due more to her ability to inspire others to their utmost potential, her true caring for the community she works so hard to promote, and most of all, her commitment to excellence.

Tia is married to and works with Gary Powell, and they have a son, Milo, who is a heckuva guy!

Gary Powell is the Director of Sales and Marketing. The fact that Gary is Tia's husband, making his wife his boss, brings a mixed reaction of hurrahs or condolences. In fact, they have a very effective partnership, both professionally and personally.

Gary has been with Oz since 1994. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1988, and practiced successfully as a trial attorney for five years prior to "hanging up the meat cleavers" to join Tia in the business. Gary is an excellent listener: He always wants to know his clients and market inside and out. Gary realizes that the best way to keep a client happy in the long run is to do his absolute best to do what is most beneficial for a client every chance he gets.

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